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Fundraisers that utilize inflatables are the most profitable fundraisers to organize.

How does an inflatable fundraiser work?
Inflatable fundraisers make money by selling admission bracelets or tickets to the students of the school or organization that is throwing the fundraising carnival or field day. This cost of admission is used to pay the cost of renting the inflatables and other attractions that may be at the carnival. Any money left over after paying the cost of the rentals and other expenses is counted as profit for the fundraiser.
How many inflatables will I need?
You should plan on renting at least five different inflatables for your fundraiser. The more kids you have attending, the more inflatables you will need to keep the lines short, and the kids attentive and interested.
How much can you make on an inflatable fundraiser?
If you do a profit sharing model you could expect to make at least 20% of your revenue from the inflatables alone. Extra profit comes from games, concessions, and other activities at the fundraiser. The possibilities for inflatable profits are endless.

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