Inflatable Helper

Inflatable Helpers ride with the driver to help set up inflatables.

Pay: $10/Hour

Duties include:
-Laying down tarps
-Rolling up and rolling out inflatables
-Staking the units down
(Biggest slide weighs 540lbs)

Schedule varies depending on the number of rentals, locations, and Daylight Cycle.
Delivery times could include:
-Friday Evenings 5pm-8pm
-Saturdays between 8am-1pm and sometimes 5pm-8pm.
-occasional Sundays from 4pm-8pm
-Monday Evenings from 5pm-8pm

Schedule Changes during Summer and school breaks.

Bounce House Attendants

Bounce House Attendants Ride with the Driver or may have to drive to location. They are only needed at Public events.

-Enforce rules
-Make sure Inflatables are functioning properly
-Check weather conditions for safety

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